About Us

AGS|PJW is proudly a Pallion Company.

Pallion manufactures and supplies the AGS|PJW range of superior fabricated metal products in the full spectrum of standard and custom sizes and forms including sheet, wire, chenier and solder.

It is also a major Australasian supplier of milled white label wedding rings and bangles, sold by the gram.

A key feature that differentiates all AGS|PJW products is that they are made with 100% fresh bullion, ensuring a superior residue free finish.

Pallion is the exclusive Australian distributor of Wieland Eletroplating Products, widely acknowledged as the leading global brand of plating products in the precious metal industry. Pallion stocks a comprehensive range of Wieland products including White Rhodium, Black Rhodium, Black Ruthenium, Blue Rhodium and Gold Plating Solutions.

AGS|PJW provides:

The AGS|PJW and Wieland range of products is available at all Pallion offices throughout Australia and Hong Kong (SAR).


The Gold Standard in Precious Metal Supply